3.b. Perception Data Surveys

For Perception Data for Data-Driven Plans

Select items from the item bank (See Below) to create a survey to collect Perception Data. These survey items were developed to measure non-cognitive student attributes. The items that represent the same underlying constructs can be averaged together to make interpreting the results easier.Compare pre and post averages for items under a single component.

The items clustered around the underlying components are:

  • Bonding With School
  • Bullying at School
  • Bullying and Safety
  • Mentors
  • Students’ Primary Needs
  • School Climate Perception
  • Study Habits
  • Confidence
  • Goal Setting
  • Responsibility
  • Academic Self Control
  • Attitudes About Mistakes
  • Learning Attitude
  • Testing Attitude
  • Time Management

The item bank also contains survey items you can use with stakeholders, and items for creating a Senior Survey.

Using items from this resource will ensure that you are using field-tested items that are valid, reliable, and measure what you intend to measure.

Download this list of all items, and mark the ones you are using. (k-12-survey-checklist-color-coded) This will help you keep track of the subscales being measured.They are color-coded to help you notice which are stated positively, and which are negatively stated. In the negatively stated items, Strongly Agree would be the least favorable.

Create your survey from the item bank: