Click here to download the cheater’s form.


I created this form to cheat at Stop! It is the only way I can possibly win because I don’t know anything and I can’t spell.

On the tab labeled “short list,” each of the cells in the first column is a pull-down menu. If it is your turn, pull down the menus to show categories you have. Use points to select a category that your opponent does not know, like Pokemon or something. Type a letter in the next column. Answers show up in the third column.

The next tab is “long list.” This is for when it is not your turn to go first. You won’t have enough time to use the short list, so be ready with your curser in the letter cell, and enter the letter when you know it. Then hope you can find some answers. I keep them alphabetical.

To add to or change this, go to the “list” tab. In the first column, you can add to the list. Don’t sort here because you will break formulas. I add to the bottom, then take the list to a different page, sort it, and paste it back in. To add answers, look for the pattern. I am using vlookup to pull answers. I concatenate the category with the letter to get what to lookup, then deliver the answer.