We Evaluate Grant-Funded Programs and Provide Professional Development for Using Data

With almost 25 years of experience working with education data in North Carolina, we know what data is relevant for specific education goals. And we know how to work with education data to identify students who are in each data range, using technology, rather than pulling paper files. Providing students with services and opportunities that research says is likely to help them achieve specific objectives has resulted in significant measurable improvements.

We have helped many school districts use SAS EVAAS to identify students who have been overlooked for placement in the advanced mathematics track in middle school, and the results have been successful. The story of one of the first schools we helped to do this is displayed here.

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A Parent Handbook / Kindle Edition

Understanding How to Use Data to Advocate for Your Child

This book will provide parents with a way of using information from the tests their children take in school to ensure that they have access to opportunities in school that will help them reach their true potential. Click here!


Testing Matters | Kindle Edition

The objective of this book is to empower parents and guardians to better support the needs of their children in schools.

Specifically, this book will help parents and guardians of low-income children and children of color use test data to advocate for their children in any school setting. Rigorous instruction and courses are the cornerstone of all student success. Historically, students’ access to rigorous, high-quality classes has been based on social factors, such as race, income, and the social standing of their parents (Cratty, 2014). Whether intentional or not, schools frequently reproduce social strata that exist in society in the way they assign opportunities for children. With a new call to prepare all students to work in the 21st century, public schools should be changing their unstated missions from maintaining the status quo to providing greater access to academic opportunities.


Shift!: A Guide for Designing Programs that Align Services to Student Needs and Promote Success (Research-Based Data-Driven Educational Decisions) Kindle Edition

This book provides a step-by-step guide to planning educational programs to support students for success. It is designed to be used by school counselors, staff on grant-funded programs, School Improvement Teams, and community agencies that serve students.

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